From Viale Della Venezia Giulia (Roma) to Via Veturia 42 (Roma)

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Real time directions

Travel time: 40 minutes
Total distance: 8.5 km
Walking distance: 650 meters

3:59 AM
Viale Della Venezia Giulia
(Map) (By bike)
350 meters (5 minutes)

4:04 AM
Bus stop Prenestina/Irpinia (71205)
(Map) (I'm here)
Line N12 dest. Venezia (Exclude)
Arriving after 3 minutes
For 10 stops (12 minutes)

4:18 AM
Bus stop Napoleone III (71040)
(Map) (I'm here)
50 meters (1 minute)

4:19 AM
Bus stop Farini (71049)
(Map) (I'm here)
Line N1 dest. Anagnina (MA) (Exclude)
Arriving after 5 minutes
For 8 stops (11 minutes)

4:35 AM
Bus stop Alberone (75489)
(Map) (I'm here)
250 meters (4 minutes)

4:39 AM
Via Veturia 42

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Muoversi a Roma journey planner uses real time data from GPS bus trackers, in order to determine traffic status and waiting times at bus stops. Thus, it is able to find the quickest route on board of Atac and Roma TPL buses, the underground and urban railways.